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Domaine de Valcolombe
vins rouges cuvée domaine valcolombe

Complex, elegant red wines


A blend of hand-harvested Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is matured in barrels from Sequin-Moreau (world benchmark for cooperage quality) – barrels made from mature oak from the legendary Tronçais forest and Missouri.
The Cuvée Baroque is an exceptionally deep red colour. Its nose is of rare elegance, with notes of vanilla and undergrowth. The palate is ample and generous, with a refined woody touch, well-integrated tannins amid intense aromas of red and black fruit and violets. Its strength and structure are harmoniously balanced. A high-class cuvee that will age admirably.

Noble cuvée MERLOT

This hand-harvested, aristocratic wine is for those who like a silky, elegant red. It is very fruity, with aromas of plum and cherry and a discreetly spicy palate that bestows true nobility of style.
A very fine wine, balanced, fresh and with controlled power. Merlot is of course the main variety at Château Pétrus.
This wine can be drunk young, but can also be aged for several years.

Rouge CLASSIQUE (AOP Coteaux Varois)

Made from hand-harvested Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, this deliciously fruity red with its elegant tannins is velvety and highly extracted. 
The nose is fruity, with blackcurrant and blackberry. The mouth feel is appreciable due to its fruity density, its pleasantly soft tannins and its complexity.

A structured wine, but well balanced and with no hint of austerity.
You will notice the exquisite end note of violets.

This is a red for every occasion, summer or winter, to go with classic French cuisine, local cuisine, country cooking, roasts and grills, all kinds of gratin, any cheese, etc.