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Domaine de Valcolombe
vins blancs valcolombe

White terroir wines

Noble cuvée VIOGNIER

Viognier is a rare, legendary variety producing outstanding wines that are among the world's most expensive. That's because it is a capricious variety in terms of both yield and cultivation. For that very reason it almost died out entirely in the second half of the 20th century. Growers gradually abandoned it and by 1980 there were scarcely a few hectares left in France. And yet Viognier wines are legendary: ample, round, generous and highly aromatic, with notes of pear, apricot and peach, lime blossom and honey, they express their terroir magnificently and evolve on the palate remarkably.

Viognier is a very ancient variety and has always been appreciated for its extraordinary ageing capacity. It can be drunk at once, but it can also be left to age for years.

Blanc de blanc CLASSIQUE

Made from hand-harvested Rolle (Vermentino), Sémillon and Ugni (Trebbiano), this magnificent wine is the archetypal Mediterranean dry white.
The astonishing limpidity of its pale gold colour is entirely natural. It has an exuberant nose with notes of white fruit and white flowers (acacia, hawthorn). In the mouth it offers elegantly fruity volume with a long, flavoursome finish. It can be drunk at once but will also improve with keeping, for five years.
Ideal with fish, seafood and crustaceans, it also goes beautifully with white foods such as quenelles, fowl, veal, white sauces, vol-au-vents and blanquettes.