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Domaine de Valcolombe
histoire - Mm, Mmes Léonetti & Grammont - domaine valcolombe

Undying passion !

The story of the Valcolombe estate is like a Jean Giono novel: a place reborn through the deep connection between people, land and place.
The Valcolombe farmland had been abandoned since 1936 when it was taken over in June 1993 by husband and wife team Pierre and Marie Leonetti, both doctors, who had fallen in love with it.
By 1994 the old ruined house had been renovated and was being lived in. The estate was coming back to life.

In 1995 the first vine fields were well in hand and the first harvest on the "Cabanon" field gave the estate's first rosé the following year.
Between 1996 and 1997 the other three vine fields were reborn and brought the estate its first medal: a Soleil d'Or in the Vins du Pays du Var contest.
In 1998 the estate's reconstruction was complete and the tank room came into operation.

M. Grammont domaine de valcolombe
Mme Grammont valcolombe
Tracteur vendanges domaine de valcolombe

Recognition !

Unknown in 1998, the estate began its slow climb up the wine charts. To establish the estate's reputation, the wines were regularly presented at major competitions in France: Paris, Mâcon, Vinalies, Féminalises, etc.

Since 2010, Domaine de Valcolombe has also won several awards at the AWC Vienna, the world's largest international wine competition.
Valcolombe wines have won over a hundred gold, silver and bronze medals in the space of a few years.
Our Rosé has become the benchmark in Anglo-Saxon countries.


Now the torch has been passed to Philippe and Marie-Hélène Grammont, who continue the constant drive for excellence in wine.
Long live Valcolombe!